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5. SMART communication for Public Institutions

Free for emergency communication
  • Easier and more flexible communication between parents and members
  • Significant time savings for teachers, coaches and parents
  • Custom applications and online profiles
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What does smart communication bring to schools and associations?

Regular direct communication between teachers / coaches and parents which, nowadays, plays a very important role in the education and training of children attending kindergartens or associations.

A well-informed parent can become more involved in the events and better appreciate the work of teachers and coaches.

No-Obligation Inquiry

SMART communication at schools


School menus, programs, notifications about illness in kindergartens, …

and changes

Photoshoots, trips, events, trainings, changes in schedules, …

summary of activities

Summary of activities and events in a given week.

for parents

Possibility of feedback
and parental participation.


"For us, the founders of the kindergarten, it is important that the communication in the kindergarten between parents and teachers works at a very good level. We support Munipolis because it performs this function very well."
"I consider Munipolis to be a very beneficial complement to direct communication with parents, who can better appreciate the work of the kindergarten and can use surveys to participate and comment on the running and activities taking place in the kindergarten."
"The parent plays an important role in the upbringing of new talents. That is why we need parents to have important information and instructions from mentors on an ongoing basis. Parents also like to contribute to the whole team (e.g. with financial support)."
"A service that I absolutely appreciate because of the current information in the kindergarten, notifications of illness, instructions on departures and arrivals for trips, or, for example, a reminder of a planned photoshoot."

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