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6. Custom SMART projects

Free for emergency communication
  • Projects that save time, government spending, and the environment.
  • Strengthening the positive perception of municipalities by citizens
  • Acquisition of valuable data to improve the smooth operation of municipalities
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A SMART reporter

A smart reporter not only saves natural resources, but also saves money normally used for printing and distribution.

Thanks to Munipolis, citizens will receive the newsletter in electronic form directly to their e-mail or application on their phone. This will not only be favored by environmentally-minded citizens, but also by advertisers who can share ads with links to their websites.

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Electronic payment reminders

They significantly increase the number of on-time paid fees for dog licenses and municipal waste collection. They reduce the cost of sending printed reminders or invitations, and save time in enforcing them.

We are also preparing the possibility of interconnection with the accounting systems of the municipality.

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Block cleaning warning

Save your citizens the inconvenience of block cleaning and fines of towing a vehicle. Citizens can just choose the streets where they usually park. If block cleaning is planned, notifications will be sent automatically to their phone.

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