System and infrastructure for SMART communication | Munipolis

1. SMART communication system

Free for emergency communication
  • SMS and push notifications directly to your mobile devices
  • Professional e-mail client
  • Voice messages for the visually impaired
  • Targeting and statistics
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1. Civic infrastructure creation

We provide expertise for citizen contact collection. On average, more than 60% of active voters participate within the first year.

Contacts can be grouped according to age, place of residence, interests of residents, or individual needs of municipalities

The collection of contacts shall take place in accordance with the GDPR.

2. Communication with citizens

You can use a sophisticated SMS gateway, a professional e-mail client, automatic voice messages for the visually impaired or push notifications to communicate with citizens.

All of this is possible with advanced targeting.


3. Evaluation

Thanks to clear statistics, you can evaluate the success of communication. If you find that your citizens have not read your e-mail, you can simply send them a message via SMS or a push notification.

No-Obligation Inquiry

How can you contact your citizens?


Urgent information on imminent danger, power outages, traffic closures and more.


Invitations to cultural events, news, photos from events, and information about events from the local governments.

Push notifications

A suitable addition to SMS and e-mails for sending information via the mobile application.

Voice messages

Convenient for visually impaired citizens and seniors. Tone answering option.

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