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3. Citizen issue management system

Free for emergency communication
  • Professional ticketing system
  • Saves time and speeds up the resolution
  • The municipality receives accurate information about the isuue
  • Possibility of handing over the request to city companies
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1. Request reporting

Citizens are happy to help improve the environment in which they live. If they come across broken furniture, clutter or an illegal dump in public, they will take a picture of the problem and simply send it via the Munipolis website or application.

In addition to request reporting, people can also send praise and suggestions for improvement.

2. Verification and transferring to the local government

Each request is first checked by the dispatcher. If the request is relevant, the responsible person will receive an email with a photo, a description and the exact location of the defect.

The citizen issue management system can also be integrated with urban technical services and is open to integration with other mapping systems.

3. Request resolution

Defects can be easily managed through the application. Working with requests is easy - administrators can comment, add photos, edit the request's current status, or pass the request to another person.

Issues can be filtered according to the current status, type, age and competent persons.

No-Obligation Inquiry

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